barnstormer studio and telecommunications

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hi all! so as it is right now we will have a phone installed as of nov 15th. the shop number will be 613 695 5597. pretty well just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. id really just like to say thanks once again to those who have already helped so much. alot of support and alot of love. on the visual side of things you may have seen a recent post of mine on facebook in regards to our sign which is being done by doug bernhardt. the preliminary sketches look fantastic. cant wait to see it once its hoisted up there. as well my good friend ross proulx is doing some web and print illustrations for us. here is one below. we will be using this one for our temp sign until doug has completed the permanent one.  im very grateful to know such wonderful and talented folks. anyhow ill leave it at that as there is so much i want to say but a more in depth post will have to wait until glen and i have things rolling. stay tuned.



BARNSTOMER STUDIO DEC1 591-a bank street.

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hello all. so i just wanted to bring a few things to the attention of those who may be interested. as of december 1st ill be opening a shop on bank street here in ottawa called Barnstormer Studio (591-a bank st to be exact). there is one other gentlemen accompanying me on this journey but ill shed more light on that when the time is right. as of right now the remainder of my time at 5cents is all booked up. SO if you were looking to get tattooed by me please email me and we can consult via email or i can set you up an appointment in the new shop anytime after dec 1. for those who might be curious all is well and grand at fivecents and my time there has been absolutely great. ive learned alot about how to be a consistent reliable good ol tattooer and all around stand up individual. julian and rhonda are wonderful human beings as well as co-workers. i suppose the reason for the venture, well, is to take the reigns and co pilot my own wagon so to speak. please direct any questions to: . and sorry for the mega post.

Storms provoke severe flooding………

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but if you live in the ottawa area thats not a concern……or at least for the time being. its been a rather dry and hot summer and that gets no complaints from me. im busy and i hope that you are too. with that in mind id thought let folks know what my near future plans are. for starters ill be attending the montreal convention with julian and rhonda the 7, 8, 9 of september. also be doing a guest spot at the pearl from the 19-23 of september. if youd like to get tattooed while im there please let me know. contact me via email or call 613 562 0440. aside from that ill be here and there for a couple days. early next year however ill be doing a guest spot at government street again. from january 13-20. ive got alot more to add to this but i must get back to work. ill blab more later.




aint life grand

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just sayin hi. thats all for now.

1 year in the new spot already……

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things are moving along quite nicely i have to say. a little too fast for my liking but thats nothing new. for all of those who are still wondering where the new location is its at 430 parkdale. im sure that you knew that already. not much to report other than ive made a new shirt design. hopefully ill have them in hand in a few weeks. thats all for now.


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antiqueskate, its open. julian and i did some paintings for the opening. check them and the store out.

ok. bye for now……..

The astronomical spring begins Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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when will spring finally get here you may have wondered. well now you know. its nice to know that it isnt to far off. for me the winter isnt that hard, i do however get a tad stir crazy. this use to not bother me so much because i was in a continual state of sedation. now that i am an addict in recovery i have to say although its been rather warm this winter it still isnt the most uplifting time of the year. perhaps its the grey short days. perhaps the holidays just dont do it for me. regardless its almost over. i did it and i did it clean. feb 18 will be my 1yr clean date. 365 days in a row. jesus fuckin christ. this winter brought me many ups and downs. as im sure it did everyone. i got to do the holidays the good old family way. ive re connected with some friends that i was  sure i had exhausted their patience. spent some time with my little lady katie. got to do an interview for international tattoo artist that is out now. also i lost a bud. jamer. his passing hit alot of people hard. its easy to understand why if you had the good fortune to cross paths with him.  i cant imagine the pain that it must have caused to those closest to him. we were bonded by many things as he was with alot of folks. bonded by music, art, tattooing, drugs and recovery. it isnt as though we were best buds, we were just bonded. anyway his demons got the better of him. so all i can do is remember him and be grateful. be grateful for what stayin clean gives you. be grateful for my friends, the clean ones who shed light on what it is to live life on lifes terms. the friends that dont have to deal with addiction because they are not an addict, but still feel compassion for those who suffer and lend an ear to listen.  for those friends who are still in active addiction, suffering and havent been able to stop, yet. even they have something to teach me. to be thankful for everyday clean. if only i knew then what i know now, but im sure ill say the same goddamn words 10yrs from now………..anyway spring……its close. i hope that all my friends stay to enjoy it and then stay forever.


Positive mental attitude means to respond positively to every situation in life.

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that pretty much sums it up right there.

hi, how are you. im just sitting here trying to think of what to write. so ill just let you know where im at. we are about to embark on yet another christmas. although this isnt my favorite time of year, i do feel rather optimistic about this season. im busy at the shop, with no immediate plans to go anywhere. im starting to book into mid february just to give those who are curious a heads up. a couple painting projects on the go and i suppose that means my plate is just right. not to much and not to little. thats about it. hopefully everyone has a great holiday season. ive put up a new super sheet of flash that if you wish to see, is up in the shop. also some new cards to come soon……..bye for now.

to make steady progress.

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so its the time of year that i seem to enjoy the most. i feel motivated and somewhat refreshed knowing the oppressive humidity of summer is lifting. that said, my fall journey is not far off. ill be doing a guest spot in cambridge at thrive studio from the 24th of october until the 29th. if you are interested in getting something done please message me as soon as you can so i can get drawin. after a couple days off ill be headed out to victoria to be hanging once again with the fellas at government street. ill be soaring in on the 1st of november…..ill try to work a few days before my  pal chrissy david ties the knot with his wife to be, jacqueline. i may work a few days afterward as well. all that will be sorted out in the next few days. so once again please email me, aside from that here at home i just wanted to express my appreciation for the people who came out to the grandopening of greyarea and the new location of fivecents. thanks!


NEWNESS, july 28th-new works by j.garner and grand opening!

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so, just a little break down for you folks that are not in the company of julian and myself on a regular basis. we are in our new wonderful space at 430 parkdale (behind the house). the new location of 5cents has been in full swing since may 1st. its great, its super fantastic! if you havent laid eyes on it, well then, you should. on july 28th youll have a chance to see the whole place in full swing. part of the reason for the relocation was that julian wanted to open an art gallery as well. it is called, “grey area”. the 28th will be a grand opening of sorts as well as julian showing new work to kick it off. so come join us. the gallery showing slash grand opeing will be from 7pm til 10pm.